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Incall Massage vs. Outcall Massage: Which one you should choose?

 Although both incall massage and outcall massage are very popular today, many people still struggle to understand the difference, not even knowing the meaning of these two terms. In a word, both types of massage offer incredible benefits promoting health in general, therefore, there is no difference in efficiency; the only difference one can make is according to their personal preferences and particular circumstances.


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 Incall massage

is the type of massage that is practiced in the massage therapist’s premises, that is, in a salon, clinic, office etc.


 Outcall massage

(known as mobile or onsite massage) occurs in the client’s place, whether in their home, office, hotel room.

When it comes to incall massage, the therapist uses all the facilities that the place has to offer. Given that the massage therapist doesn’t need to travel to client’s place, the time is used more efficiently. The advantages of the incall massage is that therapist is able to better control the temperature, lighting and music during the session to enhance relaxation and overall ambient. Qualified, professional therapist will set the best atmosphere, where no distractions and disruptions can occur. All massage therapies and techniques are available during the incall massage.


Outcall massage therapy is the opposite, although the efficiency of the massage doesn’t depend on the type of therapy, but rather on the Massage  therapist. The advantage of the outcall massage is that it offers your own familiar surroundings, where you can be in control. The fact that the massage therapy can occur in one’s home is also very important for people who are shy or timid, especially if it is their first time. However, some massage therapists will only travel to clients who possess their own massage table, or other equipment needed for their style of work. Outcall massage is especially good option if one is visiting new place.

It is up to you to decide which massage suits your needs and circumstances.  However, it is crucial to receive the therapy from professional therapists and recommended sources because the safety and the quality of the service are the most important.

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