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The benefits of swedish massage


The Swedish massage is the fastest solution to relieve the aches and evacuate stress and muscular tension.

Swedish massage was developed by Pehr Heinrick Ling, a physiologist and anatomist recognized.

Swedish massage is particularly suited to those who are subject to physical or psychological stress and want to relax.

The patient is placed comfortably on a massage table and use a massage oil or essential oil is recommended to reduce friction. We begin by the shoulders and back, they are heated to promote muscle relaxation. The masseuse began five kinds of gestures consisting touch, kneading, rubbing, tapping and vibrating muscles.

The benefits of this massage are numerous. It has a tonic effect on the body because the movements made release all muscular and nervous tension.

Swedish massage stimulates positive blood oxygenation and improves blood flow and pointing toward the heart, the massage therapist will also ensure that the muscles relax and relieve nervous tension.

It thus helps to reduce feelings of fatigue, especially after a jet lag, alleviate pain in the back and solve joint problems .

Stimulating the immune system , the Swedish massage is also recommended for people with chronic or acute back pain.

Furthermore, the massage restore the functions of the vessels by regulating the flow of blood to the heart and beautify your skin .


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Swedish massage is a dynamic massage technique of eliminating tensions and strengthen the muscles and joints. It helps to improve blood and lymph circulation and elimination of toxins through its invigorating and relaxing effect It also allows the body to regain its natural balance.

The technique has several maneuvers: stroking, kneading, percussion, friction and vibration. When performed in a specific order, they create effects similar to those obtained by gymnastics. For generations, the basic tactics remain the same. They were developed by the Swede Per Henrik Ling, who was both a doctor, teacher and poet. Ling is known for its method of gymnastics called Swedish (Svenska Gymnastikens). He taught the first school of gymnastics: the Royal Central Gymnastics Institute, which he founded in Stockholm in 1814 and directed until 1836.

Per Henrik Ling was inspired by his knowledge of physiology and anatomy and physical education concepts of northern peoples to develop his technique. He also used his experience of movement as a fencing master and knowledge ancestral massage techniques used by doctors gymnasts in the Greco-Roman period.

It was in 1900 that the Swedish massage has been recognized worldwide and Hjalmar son continued his education. And thanks also to the British doctor Mathias Roth who opposed the Ling critics by publishing the first book in English on the foundations of his method. Ling felt the term “massage” as too general to describe his technique, and if we had listened, she would call today “passive exercises of the patient.” Swedish massage was established in America in the early twentieth century, wherever the Scandinavian immigrants have settled.


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