Swedish massage

Swedish massage combines firmness and softness. Its invigorating and relaxing effect stimulates blood, lymphatic circulation, eliminate toxins and help the body regain its natural balance.It runs on both the muscle attachments, as the tendons and muscles. Provide a greater muscle relaxation and thus promote increased range of motion he intended to.


What is Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is the most common in massage parlors classic therapeutic massage and also very popular among athletes.
This method uses long, fluid movements. Swedish massage is designed to increase the flow of oxygen in the blood, blood flow and relieve tension and relax the muscles completely.
His basic technique is the percussion and movement generally applies on the soft tissues of the body, joints, tendons and muscles.


Origin of Swedish massage

Swedish massage techniques have been developed in the 19th century by the swedish Pehr Heinrick Ling, who was both a poet, a teacher and a doctor.   


Swedish massage is a mixture of different maneuvers performed in a specific order on the entire body to produce effects similar to a gym session and to optimize physical performance of athletes. Heinrick Ling was assumed that the thought had some power over the body. For him, only a healthy mind can be the source of a healthy body.


Techniques of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is applied using techniques movements that will stimulate blood circulation for better oxygenation and elimination of toxins :

  • The percussion is the basic technique of the whole massage.
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    Swedish massage for men and women

  • The effleurage by upward movements towards the heart .
  • The effleurage by upward movements towards the heart .
  • The kneading fingers and pulp hands.
  • The friction points triggers located between the neck and shoulder.
  • Mixing or some tapping and vibration.


Benefits of Swedish Massage

The benefits of Swedish massage are physical and psychological:

  • It relieves chronic and acute back pain and osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • It provides tone, relaxation and body flexibility.
  • Because it activates the circulation of fluids in the body, Swedish massage is similar to drainage and is also a good way to eliminate toxins.
  • The comfort of the body is linked to the well- being of mind, Swedish massage helps to fight against stress, anxiety and depression: after one hour of Swedish massage, the body feels incredibly soft and relaxed.


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Swedish massage session lasts 1 hour.
The massage therapist uses massage oil to thin movements.