Sports massage

The Ideal partner for performance athletes, sports massage provides healthy muscles , body tone and better resistance joints.
Like other therapeutic massages such as manual lymphatic drainage and relaxing massage…, sports massage is an undeniable source of benefits.

To resort to massage is essential for the sportsmen to prepare their body before an important physical effort. This type of massage allows to avoid the cramps and the tears of muscles and ligaments. With the sports massage, these risks are reduced, and it will help the athlete to improve his performance.


Sports massage: What is a sport massage?

Sports massage was specially designed to meet the needs of sportman:

  • Its application before the competitions supply the athletes all the assets to be in a good shape.
  • Besides its use as a precautionary measure, it seems effective for the fast treatment of certain muscular problems such as the cramps or the sprains.

The sports massage makes use of various techniques of massage:

  • The hand massages: kneading, frictions… for the elimination of toxin and general relaxation of the body.
  • The mechanical massages to return more flexible muscles and more resistant joints
  • The lymphatic drainage for the optimization of the blood and lymphatic circulation.


Sports massage:  The benefits

The sports massage is the sportsman’s best friend and brings different benefits.

Before the training or the competition, the sports massage aims to: London sports massage - sport mobile massage in London

  • Prepare muscles and joints to avoid wounds.
  • Remove the stage fright by freeing the blood and lymphatic micro-circulation.
  • Stimulate muscles.
  • Warm muscles to make them more reactive and less stiff.

In case of problems during the training, the sports massage allows to:

  • Remove the cramps.
  • Eliminate the aches.
  • Relieve feelings of tiredness.

Once the session was ended, the sports massage still intervenes for:

  • Favour the recovery by evacuating toxin which form during the physical effort.
  • Warn the appearance of the aches after the efforts.
  • Cleanse the blood.
  • Relax entirely the body by removing the tensions.