Relaxing massage

The relaxation massage brings a real well-being, it is designed to eliminate stress and anxiety, for removing muscle tension and revitalize blood and lymphatic circulation.

The relaxation massage can be performed using massage styles with gentle techniques such as : Swedish relaxation, Aromatherapy Massage, Lomi Lomi , Chair Massage, Full Body Massage, Head Massage, Manual lymphatic drainage …

Relaxing massage in London - Relaxing mobile massage

Relaxing massage in London


What is Relaxing Massage?

A relaxing massage take place throughout the entire body and allows it to regain balance.

On the physical level: it eases muscle tension and promotes the elimination of toxins
Psychologically: the massage helps the body to feel a sense of well being, it eliminates the stress and anxiety and increase in awareness of the mind-body connection.


The benefits of massage relaxation

A relaxing massage can:

  • Obtain a relaxation of the body and mind
  • Calms the nervous system and improves mood (it banishes stress and depression)
  • Eliminates muscle tension and toxins
  • Raise the blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Ease blood circulation once hydrogen can power the brain and vital organs. So it is beneficial for the heart because it alleviates some problems related to cardiovascular diseases
  • Promotion of deeper and easier breathing
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Improve sleep


Conduct of one session of relaxing massage

The duration of the massage will depend on your body’s needs. To feel the benefits,  the ideal length is at least  1 hour.

Depending on the needs of your body, for more appeasement, the massage therapist may use the “Comprehensive directed breathing” technique.

A massage provides a real relaxation, so it is possible during the session to doze, or even fall asleep.