Palpate and Roll Massage

Palpate and Roll Massage: Why Should You Try It?

Unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercising and balanced nutrition cause unwanted mattress-like appearance on our bodies. Cellulite is certainly unpleasant, and annoying, however, with the right massage treatment one can decrease and prevent fat build-ups.

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Palpate and roll massage

What do you need to know about palpate and roll massage?

Given that cellulite is linked to the accumulation of fat cells in certain areas of the body (women are more prone to cellulite), such as hips, thighs and buttocks, stimulating those areas will improve blood circulation and lymphatic system.
The palpate and roll massage technique improves the blood flow and releases lymph fluid. Massaging the skin and tissue beneath the skin will aid in breaking down those stored fat. Therapist can use this type of technique with other techniques as well, using hands or a machine.


What is the difference?

When the therapist uses hands, he or she is massaging with a series of “pinching” movements to activate circulation and soften the tissue. The results of these “pinching” movements are good and visible after more sessions.
When the technique is done with a machine, due to the strong sucking action, blood flow is increased due to the “vacuum” that is created by the machine. The cellulite areas are then massaged with a rolling movement, which helps eliminate toxins and soften the skin and connective tissue. The skin usually reddens slightly because of the sucking effect and increased circulation. The massage starts gently and slowly, and during the following sessions, the intensity is increased.
If one wishes to decrease the cellulite on the lower parts of the body, palpate and roll massage is highly recommended. Great results related to weight loss are also accomplished with this technique.
Several sessions are required for the best results. When palpate and roll massage is combined with balanced nutrition and exercising, the benefits are even more visible. After around 15 sessions (2-3 times a week), the benefits are excellent.
If you, for instance, have bad circulation or you bruise easily, then you should consult with the therapist to be sure whether or not this type of massage technique will suit you the best.