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What is a Massage Therapist ?

The Massage therapy is a profession of health sciences. It is a therapy that brings together one of the best techniques to be individuals. It is done by hand movements on living tissue such as muscle, skin, tendons, ligaments. It is practiced with or without oil and may be accompanied by essential oils or anti inflammatory ointment. This massage provides a physical and mental wellness.

By manipulating the tissues (muscles, tendons ..) the massage therapist relieves pain from stress, muscle pain and more symptoms of chronic pain. Depending on the need, he can use different techniques and different maneuvers such as stroking, kneading, friction, percussion and vibration.

The massage therapist is someone to listen, willing to make a better life and harmonize the energies of his patients. It is capable of working with people of different ages, gender and cultures.

The Massage Therapist is a profession, says a professional massage therapist who attended a training course in massage therapy.


The role of a massage therapist

• To listen and identify the patient’s needs

• Use massage techniques suitable

• Treat the soft tissue and joints of the body

• Provide advice, as the therapist finds that the pain is a daily consequences of poor posture

• In some cases, the massage therapist may need to work in collaboration with other specialists (doctors, physiotherapists …)


How to choose a massage therapist?


Selection criteria

* The massage therapist needs to know your medical history before starting treatment.

If you are looking for a massage therapist for a particular condition then you should let your therapist. Also, remember to give him your medical history … In any case, the massage therapist will ask you questions in order to make an assessment.

* Discovery and identification of needs

The massage therapist must be attentive to your health to give you the care that best suit your needs and your pain is treated appropriately.

* The massage therapist provides services in a clean and accessible local

If the massage therapist receives in his office while his workplace must be clean. It’s the same as if the massage therapist comes to your home, the room must be stored clean and you provide him with clean towels they will use for your massage session.

* The Therapist must be covered by liability insurance.

A professional massage therapist offers diplomas and qualifications but also a professional insurance.


Professional mobile massage therapy

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Not sexual massage.