Lomi lomi massage

Origine of Lomi lomi

This ancient technique comes from Polynesians and great Hawaian masters. This type of massage is directly inspired by the Hawaiian philosophy – Huna, that everyone is in constant quest for love and harmony. Also, the masseur attaches great importance to provide the patient with respect, humility and trust.


What is a Lomi lomi massage?

Lomi lomi is a deep, fluid and rhythmic massage, using hands as the forearm, that allow encompass extented areas and realize some firm and controlled massage . His movements are energetic but pleasant. Lomi lomi massage is prescribed for psychic and physical stress, lack of vitality and energy, insomnia, muscle adhesion, cellulite and flaccidity, tired legs, fluid retention…

London lomi lomi massage

Lomi lomi massage – Traditional Hawaiian massage


Effects of Traditional Hawaiian massage Lomi lomi

His more important effect is a muscular and mental relaxation although there are many others such as : increase of skin temperature, elimination of dead cells, increase of skin flexibility, improves blood circulation and lymphatic return, decrease of the interstitial fluid, analgesic and sedative of the nervous system.


Conduct of one session

A session can last between 1h – 1h30, generally we use in this massage vegetal oil of coco.

 Traditional Hawaiian massage, lomi lomi massage in London

Lomi lomi massage

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