Indian head massage

The Secrets of Indian Head Massage


The Origins of Indian Head Massage:

Women in India originally developed Indian head massage over 1000 years ago. To keep their hair strong, beautiful and luxuries, women used different essential oils, such as sesame, coconut and mustard oil, usually performing the treatment on street corners, markets and beaches. In Western societies, Indian head massage is used to treat symptoms of stress and fatigue in the workplace.


What is Indian Head Massage?

The massage treatments are based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, using firm, yet gentle, rhythmic movements that involve acupressure points. This traditional technique treats the upper back, neck, shoulders, the upper arms, face, scalp and ears, providing both physical and psychological benefits.
Given that acupressure points are part of the treatment, the massage represents in a way a de-stressing treatment of the whole body. Massaging the head and shoulders, the energy will flow through the body bringing balance and relaxation. By improving the blood flow to the head and neck, the healing process of the body is encouraged. The overall feeling of alertness, concentration and focus is a result of rebalanced energy.
The treatment can be carried out on clients at their place of work in an office environment; moreover, it can be undertaken anywhere.


What are the Benefits of Indian Head Massage?

With controlled movements that stimulate the energy, this technique has strong effects on the mind, body and spirit. Tension and stress are relieved almost immediately, although the benefits last long after the treatment is over.
Indian head massage brings short-term and long-term benefits, and it is used to:

  • Relieve eyestrain and headaches
  • Relieve physical and mental fatigue
  • Relieve insomnia
  • Relieve and reduce stress and muscular tension
  • Relieve facial muscles
  • Stimulate the hair and scalp 
  • Improve and restore joint mobility
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve and stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Boost immune system

Indian head massage is ideal for maintaining a state of balance.

Benefits of Indian head massage

Indian Head Massage


Conduct a session of Indian Head Massage

The recipients of the treatment will experience a feeling of peace and calm. Indian head massage treats the whole person, rejuvenating the body and improving health. During the massage, the clients remain seated or lying and fully clothed, and a treatment session usually lasts for thirty minutes. This form of the massage can be used with other treatments as well.