Head massage for men in London

Head Massage for Men in London

Indian Head Massage helps undo the blockages and relieve the uncomfortable build up of tension.
Benefits of Indian Head Massage works on an emotional level.
It promotes relaxation, relieves stress and headaches. Also improves skin and hair condition.
Indian Head Massage gives a real sense of peace !

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Head massage for man

Head Massage for Men in London

Head Massage London

Head massage techniques

Movements based on the principles of Ayurvedic massage, head massage is to achieve movement on the entire skull, scalp, temples, to the top of the head and ears. This massage is indicated for people very busy working life, anxious and under stress of everyday life.


What are the gestures used in a cranial massage?

Fingertips, the massage therapist generally uses massage oil to achieve pressures and rotations on the skull of the person being massaged. Note that this oil allows, in addition to relaxation, enhance facial and hair care. The head massage is suitable for women, men, senior…


What are the benefits of head massage?

Release the daily tensions

The benefits of this massage are numerous, they vary depending on the physical and mental state of the person receiving the massage. Thus, the head massage helps dissolve accumulated tension, especially after a stressful day. In addition, it helps improve the quality of sleep, or relieve headaches and eye pain, then améloire the bloodstream. Among the many virtues, it also promotes concentration and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Essential oil use for scalp massage

The massage therapist may use the essential oil of Neroli which the property of acting on the beauty of hair. Massage improves blood circulation so it is particularly useful in preventing hair loss. The hair is therefore softer and shinier. Neroli oil has a pleasant and soothing scent, it will help you relax.

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