Aromatherapy massage

What is a Aromatherapy?

The Aromatherapy is a part of herbal medicine that uses essential oils from plants for a curative purpose. Even if the term “aromatherapy” is pretty modern, the application of therapeutic herbs to purify the body, mind and restore the balance between the two dates back to very ancient times.


Aromatherapy in the history :

Each civilization has used the property of essential oil, such as the Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Roman or Persian people, or Doctors and healers. It is a fascinating natural and ancient technique which today enjoys an important prestige.


Properties and benefits of Aromatherapy massage:

The molecules’s complexity of those essentials oils, transforms them into one element giving a multitude of therapeutic application, but their action is not limited to a physical effect, in fact, due to Aromatic substance, they have a subtle action , as much on your mind as on your emotions. Essential oils have great antiseptic action, strengthen the organs and mechanisms of defense. Essential oils are regenerating and stimulate cell growth, moreover, they accelerate the elimination of dead cells. Until now, there is no other therapy offering as much variety as the essential  oil . The Aromatherapy offers an holistic treatment, and applied to a massage it offers more options and a personalization to each massage’s session .


Conduct of one session of aromatherapy

One session lasts approximately 1 hour and can be applied to various treatments, like a anti-cellulite, depurative, muscle fatigue, muscle contracture, nervousness, thinning, etc…

Aromatherapy massage in london with essentials oils - London Aromatherapy massage at home

Aromatherapy massage with essentials oils

There are more than 500 years, Afghan poet recounts the benefits of aromatherapy in the following story: “There once was a man who suffered from a disease that no one could cure. After many trips, he met a sage, doctor who gave him a cane and told him to go for a walk every day with this cane. After a month, the man was completely healed. He returned to see the doctor who told him that the wrist cane contained essential oils and the heat liberated the healing properties of these on his hand.”