Prepare your body for the summer

5 simple ways to prepare your body for the summer


After having waited all winter, summer finally has arrived. This is the time to pamper your body!
It is time to forget the “blues” of winter and acquire good habits. Your body will be even happier!


5 simple ways to prepare your body for the summer

Detox food

1/ Eat fresh food

To eliminate the extra pounds of winter you should adopt a raw food diet. Benefit the summertime to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, fruit and fresh vegetable juices.
Welcome them in your dish to give you a lot of vitality !
In fact, they take part in the natural way of detoxification of the organism, you will feel better yourself in your body and lighter.

2/ Drink water , it’s important

Water is vital for our body, it cleanses and removes waste and toxins in our body, it provides hydration of our cells. The water contains nutrients, vitamins, trace elements and minerals, needed for good health. It ensures the proper functioning of our joints in the lubricant. Water is a perfect ally.

3/ Move

It is not easy to start sporting after a sedentary winter. Fortunately, with the arrival of spring, the motivation returns.
Sports sessions have a positive influence on our mood.
Choose outdoor sports as possible. In fact, physical activity ,practiced outdoors, is effective in reducing tension, sadness, irritability and increase the feeling of vitality.

4/ Take care of your body

To feel good from head to feet, adopt the best care to beautify and pamper your body.
Exfoliate your skin, moisturize it with good nourishing or slimming creams.


Anti cellulite massage - mobile massage in london

Anti cellulite massage

5/ Offer yourself a moment of relaxation

To switch to no stress mood, nothing better than to agree Relaxation, well-being, in beauty body and face … Promise a more radiant complexion, a relaxed body, freed of toxins, a circulation revived, more flexible skin, beauty treatments are becoming increasingly popular.
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